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  • We understand the difficulty nervous patients have even phoning the practice not alone walking through the door! So, rest assured that we promise to treat every patient with respect, care and compassion. We have always had our staff routinely complemented for their caring, friendly and sympathetic manner.
  • We use head phones for those who don’t like the sound in the dental surgery and some of our chairs even have a massage device attached.
  • We have seen hundreds of phobic patients and employ the gentlest of injection techniques. You will receive regular reassurance and explanations about what we are doing at each stage during the treatment (only if you wish!).
  • You will always maintain control during treatment and some patients even ask that they be allowed to handle the suction instrument whenever possible.
  • Our nurses and front office staff are trained to deal with patients who suffer panic attacks in the surgery. Our staff are here to make your experience as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. It’s all about a friendly and non-judgemental service.
  • Finally, we provide conscious sedation which makes treatment so easy!

So, make that call to 0599139928 or email info@sullivandental.ie now and come in for a pre-appointment. Why not bring a friend or family member along for support for your next step?


We practice desensitization which introduces our small patients to new experiences bit by bit with great results. This sets them up for a life of good oral health without any fear.

When parents accompany their child into the dental surgery it is better if they hold their hand silently through the procedure but nervous children often behave better when their parent is out of the room although this is not usually required. Listening to more than one voice is likely to add to a child’s confusion and stress levels.

John is a member of the Irish society of Conscious Sedation in Dentistry and The International Society of Dental Anxiety Management (ISDAM)

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