Treatment under sedation


Are you a nervous patient?

Everybody experiences fear at some stage in their lives but unfortunately a large proportion of the population have had traumatic experiences as children during dental treatment while others have had unpleasant experiences as adults. When you have these fears then avoidance of dental treatment is a perfectly reasonable response! Our experience is that even when faced with the warning signs of pain and swelling these patients still steer clear of the dentist. These patients have a choice of living with the uncomfortable symptoms of fear with a decrease in quality of life or taking control and searching for a solution.
Here’s what we do differently…
1) We understand the difficulty nervous patients have even phoning the practice not alone walking through the door! So rest assured that we promise to treat every patient with respect, care and compassion.
2) We understand that lots of patients even struggle to even walk past a dental surgery without feeling panicky or anxious. We have always had an interest in nervous patients and all our staff are routinely complemented for their caring, friendly and sympathetic manner.
3) You will be treated in a sympathetic non-judgemental manner.
4) You will always maintain control during treatment by raising a hand if you want to stop or just take a break.
5) We use headphones for those who don’t like the sounds in a dental office and some of our chairs even have a massage device attached!
6) We have seen hundreds of phobic patients and employ the gentlest of injection techniques.
7) We provide conscious sedation

IV Sedation

If you, or someone you know is very nervous about undergoing dental treatment then you would benefit greatly from having treatment carried out under intravenous sedation. This involves drugs that will make you calm and deeply relaxed, and unaware of the sights, smells and sounds of the surgery. This combination of sedative and pain-relieving drugs creates a more relaxed environment before and during treatment. This is a safe, effective and less costly alternative to general anaesthetic.  After IV sedation treatment you will not be able to return to work, drive and you will require an escort for the for next 12 hours following treatment.

Who is suitable?

Everyone who is fit and healthy can have sedation, however sedation is particularly helpful for patients with a strong fear or phobia of the dentistry, patients who have had a traumatic or negative experience in the past, patients with a strong gag reflex or patients with long and complicated treatment procedure, such as dental implants.

Cost of IV Sedation?

The cost of sedation is €160. This charge is separate to the charges associated with the dental treatment undertaken.

Who carries out the sedation?

John is specially trained to carry out dental sedation as he has completed a postgraduate diploma in Conscious Sedation in Dentistry in 2015 in Trinity college. This was in addition his previous training in sedation in Guy’s hospital London.